Combine the world-famous wildebeest migration (either calving or river crossings) with seeing mountain gorillas in the wild on the epic Migration and Gorilla Trekking Tour.With easy access to the region by plane, you get two incredible experiences that are on most people’s bucket lists in one easy safari. Travel to the vast open plains of the Serengeti- miles and miles of grasslands, as far as the eye can see, to see the wildebeest herds moving in unison for fresh water, grazing, bunching up at rivers, teetering bravely on the edge before leaping into the churning waters, attempting to cross and avoid the crocodiles, ever-waiting for an opportunity to grab a straggler. Once you have had your fill of big game, predators, birds and incredible views, you are taken into the dark forests of Uganda on your gorilla trekking tour. On your gorilla trekking tour you take exhilarating hike through pristine rain forests to find and spend time with a family of mountain gorillas. Quietly watch them as they interact, play and eat, while the youngsters romp around on the forest floor, Photographic opportunities on this safari are almost limitless: Wildebeest, colourful birds, predators,, primates and breathtaking scenery await!

Why we like it

Two bucket-list safari experiences in one convenient and exhilarating safari tour

Quick Facts

Accommodation Type: Tour
Rates from: $150 - $300 p.p.p.d.
Group Size: Small
Max No of Guests: 10
Children Friendly: No
Minimum Age: 12

Tour info

Tour duration: Variable
Start: Arusha, Tanzania
End: Entebbe, Uganda
Highlights Great Migration, Serengeti, Gorilla Tracking, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park
Nearest Major City Kampala

Park / Reserve



Game Drive


Guided Walk


Balloon Safari
Local Village Tour
Bird Watching

The Experience

Safari type

Primate Safari

Specialist Species

Great Migration

Malaria area


Suitable for

Private group
Small groups

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