Zanzibar a group of islands located off the coast of Tanzania, is the ideal destination for a relaxing holiday. The region’s deep blue waters, white sand beaches, and pristine coral reefs make it a tropical island paradise. Here you can snorkel and dive to see the wonderful diversity of marine life below the surface. The capital, Zanzibar City, is also rich in history and culture. On this 6-day tour, you are given a chance to experience both sides of this wonderful island.
On days 1 to 3, you are taken to several important sites in Stone Town, the Old City of Zanzibar City. These include the old slave market, the Sultan Palace from where Zanzibar was ruled, and Prison Island. As Zanzibar is famous for it spices, you also visit a spice plantation.
The rest of the tour is spent taking advantage of the superb snorkelling opportunities the island has to offer. There is a collection of designated exploration sites around the island, and among the many-hued fish you will encounter, you can spot jacks, potato groupers, wahoos, napoleon wrasse, tuna, barracudas, black triggerfish, pufferfish, scorpionfish, dogtooth tuna, parrotfish, giant trevally, titan triggerfish, sweetlips, green turtles, and many more. Also look out for anemones, sea sponges, squids, and many more outlandish creatures.

Why we like it

This tour is short yet exciting. It gives you the chance to appreciate Zanzibar's rich history and culture, as well as experience its incredible snorkelling opportunities.

Quick Facts

Accommodation Type: Tour
Rates from: $150 - $300 p.p.p.d.
Group Size: Very Large
Max No of Guests: 120
Children Friendly: Yes
Minimum Age: 0

Tour info

Tour duration: 6 days
Start: Zanzibar
End: Zanzibar
Highlights Stone Town, Sultan Palace, Spice Tour, Incredible Snorkelling
Nearest Major City Dares Salaam

Park / Reserve



Scuba & Snorkelling


History tour
Cultural Tour

The Experience

Safari type

Beach Safari

Specialist Species

Various Fish Species

Malaria area


Suitable for

Large groups
Private group
Solo Travellers
Gallery Where Itinerary

What to Pack

What's Provided

Cultural and historical tours
Bottled Water

What to Bring

Camera (Waterproof)
Comfortable Walking Shoes
Other Personal Items
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