Walking safaris are one of the most exhilarating unique safari experiences on offer… Here are the best places to go on a walking safari in Africa

A walking safari is a unique and adventurous way to explore the African wilderness. Typically, African safaris take place in a safari vehicle. While this traditional method is a wonderful way to experience an African safari, a walking safari adds an extra dimension to the experience. On a walking safari, you feel as though you are part of your surrounding environment- you are able to see, hear, touch, smell, and even taste the wilderness! Encountering Africa’s famous wildlife species on foot is a thrill you will never forget. The following safari tours take place in Africa’s famous safari destinations, and are some of the best walking safari tours you can embark on in Africa.

Kruger Wilderness Walking Trails 

The Kruger National Park in South Africa is known worldwide as one of the world’s most incredible wildlife and nature destinations. A walking safari offers the most genuine and authentic way to explore this safari paradise. There are 7 different trails offered in the Kruger, each 4 days and 3 nights long. The trails are guided and fully catered, with participants staying in rustic accommodation such as huts or tents. Experience the thrill of encountering members of the Big 5 on foot, as well as a host of other wildlife species and a plethora of birdlife species. This is a nature experience at its best.

Pafuri Walking Trails

The Pafuri is a region found in the north of South Africa‘s famous Kruger National Park. It is one of the most biodiverse areas of the park, also featuring spectacular geological formations such as the Lanner Gorge. These overnight walking trails in the Pafuri last from between two to five nights. They are led by professional guides, with accommodation provided at the rustic Pafuri Trails Camp, an authentic bush camp that has no running water or electricity, but that is powered by solar lamps and a glowing campfire. Hot water bucket showers add to a thrilling experience. Encounter the region‘s plentiful wildlife on foot, and explore the area‘s fever tree and baobab forests, spending time between walking activities relaxing at the camp.

Serengeti Walking Safari

The Serengeti in Tanzania is a world-famous African safari destination. Its vast plains are home to a staggering variety of wildlife species, including the famous African Big 5. This safari tour takes guests on a walking safari adventure through this wilderness paradise, also passing through the Ngorongoro Crater, the largest unbroken volcanic caldera in the world. The tour is 7 days and 6 nights long, combining both walking safaris and vehicle-based game-viewing to produce an unforgettable safari adventure. The safaris are led by trained and armed guides, and accommodation is provided in luxurious tented safari camps. Meals are also provided.

South Luangwa Luxury Walking Safaris

These walking safaris are perfect for those who wish to experience an African walking safari in the utmost style and comfort. They take place in the South Luangwa National Park in Zambia, one of the greatest wildlife sanctuaries in the world. The park is 90 500 hectares in size, rich in wildlife and birdlife species. These walking trails take place in a large private concession in the south of the park, and can be specifically customised to suit guest requirements. The walking safaris can last from between 2 to 10 days, with daily walks ranging from between 3 to 4 hours (they can be lengthened or shortened according to guest preferences). The walks take place between six luxury bush camps, each unique and comfortable. They are wonderful places to relax in and enjoy delicious meals after a day of exciting game-viewing.

Limpopo Walking Trails 

These walking trails take place in Limpopo National Park in Mozambique. The park is an extension of the famous South African Kruger National Park. These overnight trails provide an authentic wilderness experience. Accommodation is in the form of fly camps that are set up by camp assistants every day. Guests sleep in simple tents with mattresses, sleeping bags and stretchers provided. Ablution facilities take the form of holes dug in the ground as a toilet and bucket showers hung in a tree. This ensures an authentic camping experience. Rangers and guides prepare fresh meals, and guests fall asleep to the sounds of the surrounding bush. The park is a Big 5 park and the birdlife is excellent as well.