ASPECT AFRICA Safaris are intimate safari holidays set apart from the rest and are suitable for couples, solo travellers, families and small groups. Aspect safaris focus on all the magical aspects of Africa - her incredible destinations, unbelievable wildlife spectacles, social interactions with her vibrant people and her wonderful natural attractions that will leave a permanent mark on your soul.

Aspect V (Value) Safaris are big value safaris. These safaris offer exceptional value for money and provide a high quality guided safari experience that are fun, educational and won't break the bank.

Aspect X (ApeX) safaris are personalised safaris with the X-factor - the pinnacle of ultra-luxury safari travel. These are the ultimate safaris one can do on the African continent and are handcrafted by our team of passionate safari experts to suit your particular needs.

Come to Africa and feed your soul!

Aspect V: Aspects of the Lowveld

The Lowveld is South Africa’s wild heart. It is a low-lying region of magnificent savannah woodland interspersed by rocky outcrops and flanked by majestic mountain ranges. Restricted to broad valleys below 1000m above sea level, the Lowveld is what many people consider to be the "real" Africa. In this subtropical climate, broad-leaved trees and thorn trees co-exist in relatively open…

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Aspect V: Aspect Zibo

Experience an extraordinary adventure at the meeting point of 4 African countries. This region is blessed with some of the greatest wildlife concentrations in Africa. Botswana is one of our Africa's premier safari destinations, and Zimbabwe is an incredible adventure destination, so pairing the two makes for an unforgettable safari. There are more elephants in this region than in any…

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Aspect X: Iconic Aspects of Tanzania

Watch the Great Migration happening in real time as herds of wildebeest and zebra move across the plains of the Serengeti and Masai Mara, hotly followed by an array of large predators. See a whale shark swim by as you snorkel alongside it. See thousands of flamingos flocking at a lake, or a lion climbing a tree. Imagine if you…

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Aspect X: Iconic Aspects of Malawi

Malawi provides a unique African travel experience. Its focal point is the beautiful Lake Malawi, which stretches from south to north the entire length of the country. Superb kayaking, snorkelling and diving safaris can be experienced in this spectacular freshwater lake. There are several emerging national parks in Malawi, as well as some fantastic safari camps. The people are incredibly…

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Aspect X: Tanzania Western Aspects Tour

Go where very few have been, and experience what very few have experienced. This seasonal safari tour (June–November) is all about getting to the remotest places in Tanzania. You will be flown in to the different reserves, which would normally take several days to get to if travelling by land. Katavi is simply magical, and is full of big game-…

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Aspect X: Ultimate Aspects of Kruger: North v South

Experience the best of the Greater Kruger with our North vs South safari extravaganza. The north is the most beautiful region in the park, and hosts some of Africa’s most beautiful and dramatic landscapes. The busier southern parts are where the big cat action is at its best. These apex safaris take place in private concessions and reserves within the…

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Aspect X: Aspect BBB: Beach, Bush, Battlefields

Kwa-Zulu Natal is a tropical province of South Africa spread along its eastern coastline. It provides a contrasting array of safari options. The area has something for everyone, from classic big game safari areas to scintillating underwater scenery around the coral reefs of the warm Indian Ocean, The area has a rich in Zulu cultural heritage, and is famous for…

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Aspect X: Aspect Romance: The Fairest Cape

South Africa's Cape region is one of the most beautiful and magical in the country. Stunning landscapes, quaint little towns, and unspoilt coastline make up the area. It is also malaria-free. The 11-night Fairest Cape Safari is a wonderful way to experience this amazing part of the country. You will enjoy a classic safari, with a chance to see the…

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Eastern Aspects of Southern Africa

The eastern part of South Africa offers some of the most diverse landscapes imaginable. Pristine tropical beaches, undeveloped and vast, stretch the coastline. The Big 5 roam the savannahs and the forests are enchanting. The lakes and rivers contain a myriad bird, aquatic, and tree life. This trip offers a diverse range of experiences, from snorkeling to Big 5 safaris,…

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Aspect X - Iconic Aspects of Zambia

This safari tours takes place in under 2 weeks, and offers quantity, quality, and that undeniable wow-factor. Zambia is blessed with incredible natural attractions and iconic destinations. See the splendid national parks as you move from the mighty Victoria Falls to the migrating wildebeest of Liuwa. Then explore the Zambezi River before ending off this magical safari in South Luangwa…

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