Wildlife Ratings

Big 5: 4
Mammals: 8
Birds: 7
Reptiles: 5
Trees: 8

Lookout for

African Wild Dog
Roan Antelope

Mahale Mountains National Park in Tanzania is not only a sanctuary for some of the last remaining wild chimpanzees in Africa, but is also a region of striking natural beauty. It is located on the shores of Lake Tanganyika in western Tanzania, and consists of majestic forested peaks set against the white sand beaches of the lake. The rainforests teem with wild species, including hundreds of birds, as well as the park’s flagship species- the chimps. Primate trekking safaris take visitors on foot into the natural habitats of these fascinating creatures. There are also a host of other safari activities on offer, including snorkelling, fishing and kayaking. Lake Tanganyika is home to around a thousand fish species, and the savannah slopes of the mountains are home to species such as lions, giraffe, buffalo and antelope.

Why we like it

Sanctuary for some of the last wild chimpanzees in Africa; Stunning Lake Tanganyika scenery; Abundant rainforest wildlife; Variety of unique safari activities

Facts & Figures

Park / Reserve Size: 1650 sq. km
Reserve Type: National Park
Big 5: No
Specialist Specie: Chimpanzee
Malaria Area: Yes
Nearest Town: Kigoma

Lodges and Camps (click on the links below)

Lodge Budget Lodge Type
Greystoke Lodge, Mahale Super Luxury Full Board

Key Species

Colobus Monkey
Blue Monkey
Yellow Baboon
Red-tailed Monkey

African Fish Eagle
Livingstone's Turaco
Blue-cheeked Bee-eater
Stuhlmann's Starling

Olive Sand Snake

Alpine Bamboo

Tropical Rainforest
Miombo Woodland