The best safari destinations for a self-drive tour of Namibia

Namibia is one of Africa’s most diverse and awe-inspiring safari destinations. Rolling desert landscapes are coupled with game-rich bushveld, while the haunting shipwrecks of the Skeleton Coast contrast starkly with the bustling adventure town of Swakopmund. One of the best ways to explore this incredible country is via a self-drive safari tour. Best enjoyed over two to three weeks, the Namibia self-drive safari can be completed in either your own vehicle, or a rented 4×4. There are many excellent lodges and campsites available, and the Safari Index team of experts will arrange all your transport and accommodation arrangements. 

Sossuvlei and Namib Desert

The Namib Desert and Sossuvlei regions in Namibia are ideal destinations for those who love unusual, unique safari destinations. The landscape is made up of searing white salt pans that contrast starkly with rolling red sand dunes. Though the region may seem harsh at first glance, it is in fact home to an abundance of life. Many fascinating plants and animals call the area home, including leopard, hyena, and jackal, as well as many reptile and bird species. There are a multitude of lodges in the region, offering safari and adventure activities in the desert.

Damaraland and Kaokaveld

The Damaraland and Kaokaveld regions are located in the north of Namibia. This semi-desert is also home to a host of other ecosystem types, including open plains and grasslands, with gorges and rivers winding over the land. This makes for stunning landscapes, and also provides habitats for a host of wildlife species, including lion, leopard, black rhino, jackal, and the region’s flagship species, the Desert Elephant. The spectacle of these gentle giants moving majestically across the plains is unforgettable. Rhino tracking on foot is another activity available in the region.

Etosha National Park

Etosha National Park‘s flagship feature is a massive white salt pan, which covers almost a quarter of the entire park. This salt pan, which at 4,800km², can be seen from space, provides a habitat for a vast array of wildlife, birdlife and predator species. Along with adjoining smaller pans, the pan is home to all of the Big 5, with elephant and black rhino being prominent. Large and small predators roam the park, hunting general game species such as springbok, gemsbok and eland. Self-drive safaris are a great way to experience the park.

The Kalahari

The Kalahari Desert, the world’s largest sand basin, is one of the most fascinating destinations any safari or nature enthusiast could visit. Renowned as a desert, this unique landscape is in fact home to an abundance of wildlife species. Guests will have the chance to witness the large predators and the small cats, the captivating desert reptiles and birds, and the unique pangolins, aardvarks and meerkats, amongst others. The rolling red dunes make fabulous backdrops to photographs, and the arid landscape is perfect for anyone wanting to experience authentic wilderness.

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