The best reserves, parks and safari destinations for seeing the rare and elusive African Wild Dog

The African Wild Dog is also known as the “painted dog” or “painted wolf”. This is due to its characteristic mottled coat, which is made up of patches of fur in shades of red, black, white, brown and yellow, and which is unique for each individual animal. Wild dogs are predatory animals, and hunt in packs of up to 20 (sometimes more). They usually hunt antelope, but have been known to attack wildebeest, which are significantly larger than them. The African Wild Dog is an endangered specie- however, there are several places in Africa where one is very likely to spot them. The Safari Index team recommends the following areas, game reserves and national parks.

Okavango Delta

Known as one of the best safari destinations in Africa, the Okavango provides excellent game viewing opportunities. Besides the African Wild Dog, visitors to this huge inland delta can also expect to see larger species such as lions, leopards and elephants. Exploring the area in a traditional mekoro canoe makes for a thrilling experience.

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Kruger National Park

The Kruger is world-famous- and with good reason. This enormous park, which is larger than the country of Wales, is home to an incredible diversity of wildlife species. Visitors to the Kruger can expect to see many of Africa’s iconic game species, which includes the African Wild Dog as well as the Big 5.

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Madikwe Game Reserve

The African Wild Dog is the flagship specie of Madikwe, which is famous for its packs of the small, feisty predator. The reserve is only four hours from Johannesburg and is also malaria-free. It is home to many other game species, including Africa’s famous Big 5.

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