Game reserves, national parks and protected areas play a critical role in the protection, and conservation of vulnerable species, especially those that are in high demand with poachers. In 2017, official statistics released in July by the Department of Environmental Affairs showed a decrease in the number of rhinos poached compared to the same time in 2016. However, November and December are traditionally months in which more poaching incidents occur. In South Africa, the best places to see protected rhinos are in the Kruger, as well as Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Game Reserve in KZN.

With the focus that has been on rhino poaching in the last couple of years, there are a number of other animals that are being missed and severity of the situation regarding poaching, animals such as Lions, Elephants, and Pangolins sometimes get looked over. Pangolins are one of the most endangered species currently being trafficked and poached making them very close to extinction.

As we know the effect this has on the environment and continuous existence of these scaly creatures are enormous. There has been a lot of work done to ensure that precautions are made to assist in the survival of the Pangolin species as poaching is a horrible act that the wildlife and nature reserves face; we are always happy when we see game reserves and other organisations come together to fight against the poaching.

Organisations such as Pangolin Conservation and has done a lot of work to create awareness and raise funds for Pangolins. The best-protected areas to visit to see pangolins are the Kalahari, the Okavango, and the Serengeti.

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